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Sawed Off - robert
July 1st, 2010
10:39 pm


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Sawed Off
I love "More Than a Feeling" (and Boston in general) even more now that I know that it was just one guy playing all four guitars, and another guy doing all the singing (including his own back-up vocals), plus a third guy on drums.  There's something almost heroic about that kind of DIY music recording.

Why did I feel compelled to watch all six Saw movies?  I guess watching lengthy horror movie series (or any lengthy movie series) is my guilty pleasure.  I honestly don't know what to say about these movies.  I don't even trust my own opinion of them.  They're already starting to run together in my mind.

Are they good movies?  Is that word even applicable here?  I'm pretty sure II and IV are good movies.  They're the most cleverly written of the series, and they make the strongest points.  I'm fairly positive V is a bad movie, simply because it has no point, and because I said, "That was the stupidest one!" immediately after it ended.  III is just an utterly ridiculous orgy of gore and sensory assault, basically a two-hour Knott's Scary Farm maze in cinematic form (actually, that's pretty much what they all are); VI has a lame ending but is otherwise fairly decent; and the original Saw is just plain dumb.  But they're all entertaining, they're all more or less interchangeable, and if you shuffled all of these mini-reviews around, it wouldn't really make much of a difference.  Criticism slides right off these movies.  I'm not even sure the series can be judged as individual movies.  It's basically a serialized TV series that only has one episode per year.

What it really needs is for George Bluth and his one-armed friend to show up and teach Jigsaw and company a lesson for teaching people lessons.  That has to be the ending of the last movie.  It just has to be.

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