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22 November 1974
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24-hour diners, 80s music, abba, adventure, albert camus, amadeus, anarchy, animals, art, audrey hepburn, balderdash, beauty, being nice to people, blondie, bob ross, bodies of water, boys, brain cells, british humor, california adventure, cannibalism, cats, caves, channel islands, cheeses, chocolate, christmas, comic books, dancing cacti, dark humor, david lynch, dead bodies, disneyland, douglas adams, dreams, dvds, english history, evolution, family guy, fight club, filmmaking, fire, foreign languages, freedom, french new wave, friends, geography, george orwell, ghosts, good and evil, griffin and sabine, heathers, high-speed police chases, history, ho4free, homosexuality, independent film, intelligence, iron chef, islands, jack handey, jason norcross, joe versus the volcano, joel veitch, john linnell, johnny depp, karaoke revolution, kennedy assassination, kitsch, kitties, kraft cheese and macaroni, kurt vonnegut, literature, love, masturbation, michael moore, mike myers, miniature golf, movies, musicals, myst, natascha mcelhone, nathan bexton, national parks, nick bantock, northern exposure, nudity, offending people, oscars, ouija boards, outback steakhouse, pacifism, paranormal phenomena, parker posey, penises, peter greenaway, peter schilling, phoebe buffay, places i've never been, pop tarts, powerful women, pringles, qaddafi, ralph waldo emerson, rene magritte, restaurants, revolution, ryan phillippe, san diego, satire, scrabble, screenwriting, series 7, sexuality, slinkies, sobriety, spelunking, star wars, suave chavez, superheroes, the amazing race, the integratron, the joy of painting, the secret history, the ultimates, the universe, they might be giants, tibet, traveling, twilight zone, twin peaks, ufos, violence, waterfalls, writing

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