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Beyond Normal - robert
August 24th, 2010
07:27 pm


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Beyond Normal
So it turns out that American Idiot is really just Across the Universe meets Fight Club.  Which, you know, is cool with me, they being two of my favorite movies.  I really need to see it on stage, because the soundtrack is kind of amazing.  Anyone want to fly me to New York?

Not quite so amazing is Next to Normal, which I also bought.  This is another one I need to see on stage, if only to determine if it's really good or really pretentious.  The soundtrack is decidedly unspectacular, but I have a feeling I'll love it on stage, like I did with Rent (same director, anyway... and they both won the Pulitzer).  I already kind of love it, in a Jerry Maguire kind of way (i.e. I love it for the musical that it wants to be, and I love it for the musical that it almost is).

My current obsession (other than rock musicals) is Mt. Everest.  I went to see a documentary on it, called The Wildest Dream, and then I discovered a Discovery Channel series called Everest: Beyond the Limit on Netflix.  It's a particular place on Earth that utterly awes and fascinates me, and in fact I often find myself tearing up just seeing it on TV, and yet it's a place I'll never visit.  I'm not being defeatist here, I mean I don't ever want to visit it.  Amputating an arm, becoming a hostage, licking Lindsay Lohan's anus... these are all things that I'd rather do than climb Mt. Everest.  I'm pretty sure anyone who does climb it is at least partially insane.  Besides, I kind of feel like I've already been there, considering how detailed both the movie and TV show are.  It's interesting to watch the guys on Beyond the Limit follow the same route up the mountain as the guys in The Wildest Dream, because it provides an almost eerie sense of familiarity, as if they're following a trail that I myself have traversed.

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Date:August 29th, 2010 07:03 am (UTC)


I LOVE that show on the Discovery channel. I've seen them all. I'm currently working my way through a podcast about Everest :D
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