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I Closed My Eyes and I Slipped Away - robert
July 4th, 2010
12:00 am


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I Closed My Eyes and I Slipped Away
I need to take part in more activities in which I end up dropping acid in a tent and making out with Paul Dano.  But such situations can't be manufactured, can they?  I'll look into it.

There's a restaurant chain called Opaque, in which you sit and eat your food in complete darkness while being served by blind waiters, and it costs $100 a person.  I'm not making this up.  I can't help but have contempt for anyone who goes there.  Except Jason, who for some reason thinks it's not a bad idea.

I didn't know that Brad Delp, the singer from Boston, killed himself three years ago.  He inhaled the smoke from charcoal, and left two notes, one stating that he was a "lonely soul," and another note, posted on his front door, warning people of the carbon monoxide inside.  So sad, yet so thoughtful.  And yes, I'm obsessing about this.  It's Max Linder all over again.  Why doesn't someone help these people?!  I mean, he was only, like, the greatest singer in the world.

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